Hitron’s embedded spectrum-analysis module aims to improve and simplify network monitoring through a simple installation in existing amplifier enclosures over the entire distribution system.

Through a common DOCSIS platform for measurement, it enables fully automated spectrum channel scans and measurement, as well as spectral impairment detection and characterization, leading to improved data transfer and control. It allows a systematic sweep at each interconnection between network elements, as opposed to traditional end-of-line monitoring systems. By providing an open measurement platform, this will allow MSOs to deploy and harvest the same functionality as embedded within CPEs in the home, thus providing a meshed view of network performance for their existing diagnostics systems.

The CMS-02’s cable modem includes two tuner chips, the first of which is used for RF input signals from 88 to 1002MHz. It uses four MPEG transport streams as well as one wideband IF, with up to four output channels, for a total capacity of 8 downlink channels. The second tuner chip handles spectrum analysis of the full frequency from 6MHz to 1GHz through the SP4T RF switch which provides a monitor line amplifier input port and up to 3 output ports.

CMS-02 – Embedded spectrum analysis module from Hitron Technologies on Vimeo.

  • Dual tuner design for data reporting & spectrum scanning"
  • Auto-detection - Automated spectral impairment detection and characterization"
  • Spectrum monitoring on up to three output ports."
  • Monitoring frequency range - 6MHz to 1GHz"
  • Max input signal level - 65dBmv"
  • Multiple input points - RF input & line amp output"
  • Open interface allowing customers control on 2nd tuner & overall reporting"
  • Enhanced memory footprint (64/128MB)"
  • Automatic digital attenuation adjustments ensuring downstream report power between ±15 dBmV"
  • CMS-02 supports all amplifier connection."
  • Report power error rate between ±2.5 dBmV"
  • Spectrum function error rate between ±3 dBmV"
  • Temperature-hardened – Rugged design for outdoor environments (-40? to 85?)"
  • Wide power input range DC24V (DC6V to 30V)"
  • Digital Step Attenuator (DSA) in each Tuner"
  • Watchdog timer – Detect and recover from any SW error"
  • API: Allows for further MSO customization"