White Paper: Forecast CSR Calls Due to Internet-Down

Can we accurately forecast the number of customer support calls due to Internet disconnections? Hitron is focused on being the industry leader in providing solutions that reduce and predict calls using our CPEs and network parameters. As ..

Atlantic Broadband Feverishly Deploying D3.1 Internet with Hitron

Article on BTR Atlantic Broadband has been feverishly deploying DOCSIS 3.1-based gigabit Internet, with at least four announcements last month alone, and five more since its declaration in the spring that it would push its reach ..

Midco Taps Hitron for Whole-Home WiFi

Article on Lightreading SIOUX FALLS, SD. -- Midco, a leader in broadband, today announced a partnership with Hitron Technologies to improve the customer experience by offering a Whole-Home Wi-Fi solution under the brand Midco FreestyleSM Wi-Fi. Midco ..

Shaw Business Introducing Hitron DOCSIS 3.1 Modem for its 1Gbps Internet Launch in Western Canada

Article on mobilesyru Shaw Business has announced the launch and availability of 1Gbps internet download speeds for business customers across Western Canada. Now the Calgary-based telecom can provide 1Gbps download and 125Mbps upload speeds in select ..

Comcast’s Hitron-Made Signal Meter Detects Signal Leak on SCTE Floor

Article on Lightreading Atlanta -- SCTE Cable-Tec Expo -- While it's well known that Comcast has taken ownership of the designs and software powering its expanding lineup of residential set-tops and gateways, I was surprised to ..