Hitron’s App Portfolio White Paper

Unleash Your Wi-Fi with Hitron’s App Portfolio Service providers, who have always been responsible for the quality of their signals to set-top boxes, routers and gateways, are now being held responsible by their customers for the ..

Light Reading Panel – Going Gig with DOCSIS 3.1

Hitron CTO, Greg Fisher, participates in Light Reading's DOCSIS 3.1 panel at their March 2017 event. The video is now available on our Vimeo site,  vimeo.com/hitron.

Light Reading Interview at Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies 2017

Greg Fisher, Hitron Americas CTO, sat down with Light Reading to discuss "Connecting the Entire Home With DOCSIS 3.1" at this year's LR Cable Next-Gen event, March 21st and 22nd in Denver, CO. Light Reading website

CES Preview: The Service Provider Edition

Article on LightReading. CES is all about consumer electronics, so why do service providers go to the Las Vegas event? The answer is an easy one. More and more of the electronics consumers buy are connected ..

Rogers Rolling Out Hitron’s DOCSIS 3.1 Gateway

Article on multichannel.com Canadian operator Rogers Communications has begun to deploy a DOCSIS 3.1 gateway from Hitron that’s initially being used to support broadband subs on some of the MSO’s highest-level speed tiers, including its 1-Gig ..

Hitron D3.1 Family Powered by MaxLinear MxL277 Full-Spectrum Capture Receiver

Article on Business Wire MaxLinear, Inc. (NYSE: MXL), a leading provider of radio frequency (RF) and mixed-signal integrated circuits for broadband communications, the connected home, data center, metro, long-haul fiber networks, and wireless infrastructure, today announced ..