White Paper: Forecast CSR Calls Due to Internet-Down

Can we accurately forecast the number of customer support calls due to Internet disconnections? Hitron is focused on being the industry leader in providing solutions that reduce and predict calls using our CPEs and network parameters. As ..

Hitron Partners With Westman to Offer Enhanced Home Wi-Fi

Hitron Partners With Westman to Offer Enhanced Home Wi-Fi Maximize your wireless experience with Westman’s Enhanced Home Wi-Fi service. Ensure wall to wall coverage of your Wi-Fi network in the areas of your home that you ..

Hitron Speaking Engagement with Dakota SCTE Members

Link Along with Midco's CTO, Hitron spoke in front of a packed room of SCTE members in the Dakota territory regarding Wi-Fi, MoCa and 3.1 Modems.    

KRACK Update

The Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACK) security vulnerability found in the WPA2 protocol is an extremely hot topic, and it is important that we keep you up-to-date on the status of our firmware fixes and ongoing ..

Hitron Notches Whole-Home WiFi Deal

Article on MultiChannel. Canada’s Westman Communications is first to use vendor’s new product set Hitron Technologies, a maker of cable modems and other types of consumer premises equipment and software, said Canada’s Westman Communications Group is the ..