Light Reading Cable: Hitron will unleash the world’s first 24×8 PUMA6 cable modem at The Cable Show

Ready to take another giant leap ahead of your competition? Hitron is regularly first-to-market with bleeding-edge technologies, reliably delivering the competitive advantages that make sure our world-leading MSO clients stay at the top where they belong. This time is no different, as we unleash the world’s first 24×8 PUMA6 cable modem.

The Puma6-MG supports 24×8 channel bonding which with DOCSIS 3.0 provides current speeds up to 960Mbps downstream by 320Mbps upstream. The Puma-6MG also incorporates more processing power (1.2 GHz ATOM processor) and increased memory capabilities to handle the higher speeds and the heavier demands customers will put on these solutions with the greater speeds.

Pume-6MG with 24×8 these will be the first solutions for order from canadian pharmacy the higher speed tiers (over the 8×4 sold today). The great advantage is speed and performance over current solutions, 3 times the downstream speed and 2 times the upstream speeds.

“We are demonstrating the PUMA6-MG solution so our customers can be the first to see the next generation of 24×8 solutions. Like our business, MSO’s are facing fierce competition from their FTTH competition claiming faster speeds than cable. Our PUMA6-MG based solutions enables MSOs to message to their customers and the investment community that there’s a lot of room on the DOCSIS plant to reach higher speeds and offer enhanced services and then prove it through a range of modem, gateway, and EMTA solutions” said Greg Fisher, Chief Technology Officer of Hitron.


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